Santé UK

Simple and quick: You describe your mission and we take care of the rest!

Hundreds of companies and startups every day trust us

Students rating by our clients = 4.8/5

We select the best students through individual interviews to assess their skills and motivation.

Cancellation rate less than 1%.

We follow your assignments from the arrival of the students to the final debriefing. If a student is unavailable, others are planned to replace him/her.

Competitive and 100% transparent pricing

With a rate that defies all competition, we pay our students 20% more than the minimum wage. Everybody is a winner!

Average time to staff a mission = 2h10

Thanks to digital tracking, bookmark your students in two clicks, follow your performance in real time and communicate with your students in the field.

A dedicated team 7 days a week

A single contact person will accompany you before, during and after your missions to advise you and ensure the follow-up of your services.

Any questions? Contact Justine at 07 55 54 04 78 /